The Easy Red 7 Count is an easy unbalanced card counting system developed by Arnold Snyder. The card counting system is easier to learn than compared to the Hi-Lo and other unbalanced card counting systems. The system keeps track of the low cards (Cards good for the house) and high cards (cards good for the player).

The system takes note of the Ace and it is assigned with a point value of -1 and it also considers the numbers of decks used in the variation. Hence, to effectively make use of the Easy Red 7 Count, a player would have to know the number of decks used in the variation.
The system has an 80% potential gain and it is a system that can easily be adopted by new players as it only keeps track of the running count to depict when the shoe deck is high card or low card rich.

Aces and tens are assigned a negative point value of -1 while low cards have a positive point value of +1. In this system, the Red 7 is assigned a positive point value +1 while the black 7 is neutral. The neutral cards are Black 7, 8 and 9.

The Point values of the THE EASY RED 7 COUNT are as follows

Face Card 2 3 4 5 6 Red7 Black7 8 9 T A
Point Value +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 0 0 0 -1 -1

The major difference with the Easy Red 7 Count and other unbalanced card counting systems is that its initial Running Count (IRC) varies according the decks used in the variation. The IRC is determined by multiplying -2 with the number of decks.

No. of Decks 1 2 6 8
IRC -2 -4 -12 -16

Hence, when the deck is reshuffled, if playing a variation of 8 decks, your IRC should be -16 and you proceed to keep track of the IRC as cards are dealt on the table. Thus a high negative IRC indicates that more high cards have been dealt leaving the deck low card rich. However, which negative IRC in a variation of 8 Deck would indicate an 80% success of low cards remaining in the shoe deck? For instance, a negative IRC of -32 would be clear to the player that the deck is now low card rich at which you can reduce your bet size because the player is more likely to bust than the house. On the other hand, if the IRC is 0 this would indicate that the shoe deck is now high card rich at which you can increase your bet size and the dealer is more likely to bust in such situations.

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