Is this program really free?
Yes, it is.

How can I add additional card counting strategies?
With the release of version 2.0, you can now add your own strategies or use one of our preloaded strategies.  Just click on Help | Register within the program for more information.

How can I register?
Click here for registration information.

What if I have a second computer or need to reinstall?
Unfortunately, you will need to purchase another license key. We will give you half off a second copy of the program.  Click here to purchase an additional license.

What is the house edge in blackjack?
In a normal multi-deck blackjack game, the house edge is roughly
0.50% or half a percent.  It doesn’t seem like much, but in the long run,
it’s almost impossible to beat the house without counting cards.  This
program allows you to get almost a 1% edge over the house when used properly.

How is the Running Count determined?
The Running Count is determined by a number of factors. First off, if the card counting strategy is balanced, then the Running Count starts at 0. If unbalanced, then the Running Count starts at No. of Decks * -2.

How is the True Count determined?
The True Count is determined by the following formula:
True Count = (Running Count/Card Counting Level) / Number of Decks left in the shoe
Note that the card counting level is taken from the strategy settings field number 2.

How is the Take Insurance determined?
Take Insurance is determined by the number of Tens versus non-Tens dealt, where Tens equal -2 and Ace through Nine equal +1. When the Running Count >= (4*Decks Used+1), then Take Insurance goes to YES.

What is the best card counting method to use online?
Try Revere APC for betting. If the true count is above +2, then bet more. Live casino with 50% penetration is difficult to defeat, so you will have to experiment. Unfortunately, there is really no way around the 50% penetration with live online casinos as this is pretty much standard.

Which online casino site do you recommend trying this program at?
Party Casino is one of the largest online casino sites in the world. Try it out there. Your money is 100% safe. And use the bonus code: BJCC750 for a 100% up to $750 initial deposit bonus.