Long back, I always thought that blackjack was a game of chance and never took it serious. Having read so many journals related to blackjack, it was very hard to convince myself that the game was more strategic and similar to poker. The moment I took blackjack to higher levels, realizing that players can team up to beat the dealer that’s when I figured out that blackjack is a profitable game that requires math and skill.

The effects of position advantage

To many people, it may sound funny that a player is able to get position advantage in blackjack. The last man to act on the table is in control of the game and the key to outplay the dealer. I suppose, many blackjack players take any sit on the table and commence game play without taking note of the player position advantage.

The major question is, ‘how does the last man get the position advantage’

Guess what, three of my friends and I were chased from the casino room for suspected card counting. It is obvious, we were counting the cards but they could not prove it?

One think you need to know is that no matter how good you are in counting cards, if you are not the last man to act on the table you will not get a good return on your investment. The return on investment might be satisfactory but not as good if you were the last man to act on the table.

For example, suppose you are a card counter and the last man to act on the table is a novice player, s/he can call cards that were meant to be used by the dealer to bust, but instead s/he has used these and busts.

On the other hand, if a card counter is the last man to act, s/he will know exactly the cards remaining in the shoe deck at which if it is high card rich s/he will ‘Stand’ rather than’ Hit’ and chances of the dealer’s hand ‘Bust’ are high. Therefore, if the other players are card counters, they can also rely on the last man at which their game play becomes more profitable. Thus, card counting becomes more profitable when playing with other card counters.

For instance, when players are counting cards, determining the deck as high card rich, all players will opt to “stand’ and the final betting decision is controlled by the last man.

However, in a casino room, the dealer is told to pay more attention to the last man’s betting action because card counters always like the last sit. Thereby suspecting any card counting techniques, you are thrown out of the casino room.

But with online blackjack, you can certainly make use of card counting systems to your advantage and get a good return on your investment.