Online casinos have become quite popular over the years and have become of the popular forms of gambling for the die-hard gamblers. Online casinos enable gamblers to play their favorite gambling games through the Internet.

There are actually two forms of online casinos available. One is the web based online casino and the other is the software-based casino. In the web-based version, users can play casino games by entering in to the virtual casino without the need to download the software required for playing the game. Users would be playing the games using the Browser plugins available in the form of Macromedia Flash or Shock wave.

In the software version, the users have to download the online casino to their local computer. Users can start playing the game after the entire software has been downloaded. Online casinos offer odds and pay back percentages to the players.

The slot machine games offer a higher payback percentage to the users. These online casinos do not have ready-made games available with them. They buy or lease the gaming software from gaming companies like Microgaming PlayTech and Real time gaming.

These online casino games are available in two forms. One is in the form of virtual casinos and the other is in the form of Live dealer based casino games. Users can actually see the live dealer based games on their cable television network or though a web site.

Online casinos offer popular games such as Roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker through the live dealer based model. Online casinos provide joining bonuses to those joining their casino in order to attract the crowd.

The cost of running a live dealer based online casinos is much higher than the cost of running virtual online casinos, as a separate studio has to be maintained for running the online casino. While in a virtual casino, one can just purchase software for a fixed cost. There is no maintenance cost involved.