Winning at blackjack can be a lot easy only if you follow the correct procedures. At times, playing blackjack can be fatal. It can easily deplete your bankroll if you are not playing the game well. Many people tend to think that online blackjack is a game of chance. However, it is a mathematical game that requires a set of calculations for you to win effectively.

In this guide, you will learn the following

– The fundamental strategy

– The effects of bet sizing

– Card counting techniques


The Fundamental Strategy


If you new to online blackjack, you certainly need to master the fundamental strategy in order to get a winning edge. The fundamental strategy is based on the technique of how to play during the proceeds of the game. Your betting action is of paramount importance, you should know when to hit, split, double, take insurance, surrender and stand according to the situation on the table.

The fundamental strategy focuses mainly on the dealer’s face-up card and your hand value. The common betting actions you need to put in mind are Hit, Double and Stand.

According to the dealer’s face-up card, you should know when to hit, double or Stand. For instance, if the dealer’s face up card shows a value bellow 5 there are greater chances that the dealer is more likely to bust or easily Stand at soft 17. Hence, if the dealer’s face up card shows a value lower or equal to 5, given that your hand value (first two card) is between 14 to 16 you should automatically stand. If the hand value is less than 14 then you should only hit once and stand. However, if your hand value is lower than 11 or 10 then automatically double down disregard to whether the double down card is of low value because there are chances that the dealer will bust.

Therefore, the fundamental strategy is that if the dealers face up card is high or equal to 10 the dealer is likely to beat your hand especially when your hand value is below 18. On the other hand, the player is most likely to win if the dealer’s face up card is lower than 5.

The Effects of Bet Sizing

As soon as you grasp the fundamental strategy, you now need to know the effects of bet sizing during game play. Bet sizing is a technique that can easily build your bankroll effectively depending on the way you play. For instance, whenever you win, you should increase your bet size at which your return on investment can be achieved easily. For example, if you started with a bet size of $50 and you win consecutively then the next bet should have a bet size of $60 that is an increase of $10 to the bet.

If you are good at card counting then bet sizing can be effective and very profitable.

Card counting techniques

Card counting is an effective strategy that determines whether the shoe deck is high card rich or low card rich. By determining the shoe deck, a player is able to know when the dealer is most likely to bust. For Instance, a deck that is high card rich would indicate that the dealer is most likely to bust at which the player is able to increase his or her bet size by a very big margin. On the other hand, a deck that is low card rich would indicate that the dealer is less likely to bust.

There are several card counting techniques available and these are categorized as the unbalanced level and balanced level card counting techniques. Unbalanced card counting does not make use of the True Count (TC) while the Balanced Card counting technique takes the True Count (TC) into consideration.


Therefore, the effective winning strategies include knowing the fundamental technique, bet sizing, and card counting. However, card counting can be very complicated for beginners but the other two can certainly give you a winning edge.